Thursday, October 10, 2013

How-To Rescue a Conversation That's Gone Wrong

~ Our world is traversing in uncertain and troubling times friends. And one of the things I believe is causing much of our great divide, is poor communication. Period.

Given your advocacy work, I know you know, how essential, clear and genuine communication is, to achieving meaningful results-- at home, in business, in our communities and throughout the World.  And this is why I'd like to recommend, "How Conversation Works: Six Lessons for Better Communications."

As you grab for the next rung on the ladder to success, 'Conversations...' is a must add to your career portfolio.  This six lecture eCourse is available on DVD, instant download to your PC, or my favorite, the CD version-- which can be listened to while driving or working from home. 

Like an eagle in the sky, you’ll be amazed by how much you can learn by stepping back from conversations and examining how they operate. You’ll notice things you never picked up on before—like what kind of speaker you are, the strategies you typically rely on (often without realizing it), and the subtleties of the strategies others may use when speaking with you. You’ll find yourself putting these lessons into practice to create more effective dialogues from the very first lecture.
I was just reviewing the course description for Part 6, 'How to Maintain Relations with Talk'  (covering cooperative and competitive speaking styles)... and I had a quick, laugh-out-loud flashback of my piano teacher Mrs. Thomas, grilling me to make 'sure' I'd practiced my piano scales over the weekend.  Her 'eyes' were really doing the talking-- not her words, and you can best believe that I certainly didn't fail to practice my piano scales.
Learn new ways to communicate  - watch a free course preview here

At first, the newfound awareness you’ll acquire from How Conversation Works may cause you to become self-conscious when you speak, but the act of “conversational noticing” will soon become second nature. Before long, you’ll realize you have the tools to make yourself clearly understood, put others at ease, rescue a conversation that’s gone wrong—and keep conversations from going off course in the first place.

Today's business savvy woman recognizes a wise investment.  Thus I'm inviting you to join kindreds from 'round the world in a "lifelong learning experience," with a selection of video and audio courses led by the world’s top professors and experts.  'Conversations...' is one such course and is now on sale for a limited time. 

Please learn more and let's stay connected via my website here.  ~djg

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