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Designer Betsy Johnson | Quirky, One-of-a-kind, True to self!

Credit: Bio27
"Like red lipstick on the mouth, my products wake up and brighten and bring the wearer to life... drawing attention to her beauty and specialness... her moods and movements... her dreams and fantasies." --Betsey Johnson

VIDEO: 'BJ Kicks A' | On the Runway - Fall 2013

Betsey has built her long-standing career in fashion by following her own set of rules.

Known for her celebration of the exuberant, the embellished, and the over-the-top, she just keeps on ROCKIN' the fashion industry with her unique and original designs.  Committed to remaining true to her vision, has afforded Betsey much success in an industry known for its fickleness.  She's TRUE!

Shoes | Dresses | Handbags | Jewelry | Intimates ...and more!

Betsey Johnson,  New York City


Monday, May 20, 2013

Exotic Energy Jewelry | Gemstones for Healing.

Energy Muse cofounders, Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro have created a unique company that has tapped into a diverse audience of actors, writers, professional athletes, executives, students and many more. 

Energy Muse transcends what one might think of as jewelry and has instead become a lifestyle of wearable energies. Heather's background in Feng Shui and studies of crystals with healers the world over, enables her to be a 'spiritual scientist.'  Timmi, has more than 12 years of merchandising experience in the garment industry and focuses on the company's growth and development. Their unique studies of both business and energy healing create the perfect balance to impart their knowledge to their clientele. Energy Muse believes individuals will gravitate towards the gemstones they currently need to create and support balance within their own spiritual, mental and physical lives.

Give the gift
of good energy
Shop now!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What is Humility?

--by Robert Elias Najemy

"...When I am humble, I do not feel superior to any one but neither do I feel inferior.  I feel neither more nor less important than others."

I realize that my place in the evolutionary movement of the universe is simultaneously very small but yet unique and precious. I am like a small dot of paint on the cosmic design of the universe. Although my presence is invisible the painting is not the same without me. I understand that, as a personality, I have neither power, nor duration. But as a vehicle of divine energy I am both powerful and useful.

When I am humble, I am simple and kind, pleasant and supporting. I respect and serve all without desire for recognition and without feeling that I have done something important. I am easy to communicate with because I do not play games of who is right or who is worthier.

When others want to feel "superior" more intelligent, more correct, more important than I, I perceived them with love and understanding, knowing that I too have that aspect in myself.
On the other hand, I have no need to affirm my self-worth as I understand that, in fact, my body and personality have no worth, other than as vehicles of expression for the Divine. I enjoy serving, thus when I serve, I keep no accounts. I never feel I am being used or taken from, as I give of my own free will and also have the ability to say no when I choose.

"...My words are few and essential while my dress is simple. I have no need to provoke attention. I feel comfortable with all persons. I have nothing to hide or to protect. I am not focused on social differences. All have the same value for me. I feel equally comfortable with all regardless of social status or life role."

Just as all the forms on the movie screen are expressions of the one projection light and thus have the same value, in the same way, I feel each including myself as an expression of the one divine consciousness on the screen of matter. When I am humble, I have no need to judge others or to compare myself with them. I greet all without being concerned about whether they respond or not.

I know that the results of my efforts do not belong to me. I am responsible only for my motives and the quality of my effort; God decides the results. My knowledge and talents are aspects of divine grace and I use them for the benefit of the whole. My body, mind and power are all temporarily borrowed from the divine source and are to be used towards my "Work" on the earth.

As my personality is purified, ever more power and beauty flow through it into the World around me.
And something strange.  As my ego diminishes, I become stronger.  Abandoning the need to control, everything happens for the best. Liberated from the need for recognition, I now have as much as I need. Freed from the need to have, I live in abundance. When I put my ego aside, all flows more abundantly and harmoniously. Yet, separateness is created both when we feel superior and inferior.

Finally, it seems that I can be humble when I need no affirmation, that is, when I accept myself as I am with all my faults. Thus, my humility is a direct result of my self-acceptance, self-confidence and self-love and not some type of self-rejecting self-demeaning attitude. Although humble and simple, I walk with my spine straight because, as all the others, I too am equally a pure and lovable Child of God. But most of all, when I am humble, I do not know that I am.  --Be well

About the Author:  Robert Elias Najemy is a spiritual empath, life coach and author of more than 30 books, 600 articles and 400 lectures on Human Harmony.  His  recently released book "The Psychology of Happiness" (ISBN 0-9710116-0-5) is available at Amazon.  Robert makes his home in Athens, Greece.  Please visit his website here.

"... If you want things to be different, perhaps the answer is to become different yourself." 
--Norman Vincent Peale




Fresh Eucalyptus - Cool Mint - Moisture-rich marine botanicals, including-- Wakame, Sea Lettuce and Sea Fennel, deeply hydrate to repair and protect hair from environmental stress.  This is it!
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Through careful research and constant discovery, we isolate the most efficacious varieties, unlocking their power and distilling it into our scientifically proven formulas. From a vibrant marine ecosystem, we infuse your skin with the deepest source of life, strength and vitality.
h2o plus skincare

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Hay House WORLD SUMMIT 2013!

It's almost here-- the ONLINE event of the century!

Hay House World Summit
The Hay House World Summit is a free, online, entertaining and educational experience airing worldwide from June 1st to June 10th.  You're invited to join:  
--Louise Hay
--Dr. Wayne Dyer
--Cheryl Richardson
--Esther Hicks
--Suzy Orman
--Doreen Virtue

...and more than 100 authors and experts!

Listen in during the weeks of June 1st through the 10th to these "transformative luminaries,"
who will share their experiences and knowledge in personal interviews covering topics from intuitive abilities to meditation and affirmations.  Here's a snippet-- 

Cheryl will share how her personal journey has unfolded in tandem with the topics of her best-selling books. Listen in as she offers insight for those who are considering major life changes and helpful stories that outline tools for positive change.

Wayne reflects on his life and the many shifts he has experienced beginning with his early childhood in foster homes, meeting a brother he barely knew, moving through the anger with his absentee father and learning early on about how struggles can be gifts in disguise.

Suze uncovers the reason why you may have a complex relationship with your money and how, by putting your needs at the forefront, you will find your own path to smarter money decisions.

Get started now - learn from the gurus - live your best life! 
Click any graphic below to REGISTER for "the" event of the Century.  You'll be able to gain access to six sneak-a-peak VIDEOS  - upon registration! 

"...When the solution is simple, God is answering." 
--Albert Einstein

Hay House World Summit

"...We must be the change we wish to see in the world." 

Hay House World Summit

"...We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves, otherwise we harden." 
--Johanna Wolfgang VonGoethe

Hay House World Summit


"... If you want things to be different, perhaps the answer is to become different yourself." 
--Norman Vincent Peale


Saturday, May 11, 2013

LISTENING to your Intuition

--by Caroline Adams

“Your life is a sacred journey.

And it is about change, growth, discovery,
movement, transformation,

continuously expanding your vision of what is possible;

 ...etching your soul, learning to see clearly and deeply,
listening to your intuition, taking courageous challenges
at every step along the way.

You are on the path…
exactly where you are meant to be
right now! 
And from here, you can only go forward,
shaping your life story into a magnificent tale
of triumph,
of healing,
of courage,
of beauty,
of wisdom,
of power,
of dignity, and
of love.” 
--by Caroline Adams

Hay House World Summit


How did you Learn to Love?

...excerpt from "The Stages of Love"
"...Synergy - the doctrine that the human will cooperate with divine grace in the work of regeneration; the united action of different agents producing a greater effect than the sum of the various individual actions."      --Unknown

Love is a very difficult word to define, perhaps because its reality approaches spiritual dimensions, which are beyond time and space, and thus, our comprehension.

Love is perhaps more easily described by what it is not. Love is not fear, hurt, pain, jealousy, bitterness, hate, separateness, lust, attachment, aggressiveness, ego-centeredness, indifference, possessiveness, suppression - the list goes on.

Love is expansion beyond our ego limitations. It is the ability to identify with the other, to let go of our self-interest and personal needs enough to really hear and understand the other's needs and interests. It means caring enough to sacrifice, when necessary, our own pleasures and desires when the other's needs are obviously more important.

Love is the force that brings about unity and harmony. It is the "glue" of the universe. It helps persons with different egos, desires, programmings and needs, to overcome all those potentially repelling forces and unite. Love needs not so much to be learned or cultivated, but rather released or brought from within us to the surface. We are love. Our basic nature is love. However, our ignorance, fear and/or attachment has buried it so deeply within us that it is sometimes difficult to summon or maintain.

Loving others steadily and independently of their behavior, is not an easy achievement.  --Robert Elias Najemy

The Stages of Love [more]

About the Author: Robert Elias Najemy is a spiritual empath, life coach and author of more than 30 books, 600 articles and 400 lectures on Human Harmony.  Robert makes his home in Athens, Greece. Please visit his website here.

~Call to action ~
Hay House World Summit 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Donna Karan | Spring - Early Fall 2013

The Donna Karan Collection
...is a modern system of dressing created to appeal to women's senses on every level. Founded on an intuitive understanding of a woman's needs and desires, this exclusive collection embodies the ultimate in luxury, sensuality, comfort and creative expression, always utilizing the finest quality fabrics, workmanship and technological innovation.


Cold Shoulder Drape Front Cozy, $1,095

Legalese... of interests to artists, musicians, entertainers!

Entertainers - this is for your consideration. 
In plain 'kindergarten' English, learn the basics of
Business Contracts  &  Tort litigation--
Two online courses described below may help you better understand what's in those contracts you're signing and how to stop those 'ugly' things people are saying about you behind your back.
Are you aware
that law is different
for private citizens
as opposed to 
commentary  or  public figures?

Credit: FanPop.com

That a public figure (i.e., celebrities and politicians) who depend on in essence,  a "fan base" to earn a living-- sets forth a condition wherein  the condition  places the celeb in a quirky category of legal protection by law.  And in similar fashion, commentators may be subject to ridiculous caricature and/or parody.  So then, what is the definition of a public figure?  Paraphrasing from Black's Law Dictionary... Have you 'assumed [through a set of specific actions on your part], a role of special importance in society' ... 'where public attention is focused upon you?'

This is going to be a long post.  But this information is well worth the read.

Knowledge is Power!  Vast sums of monies are spent by industry creatives to ensure and protect one's legal interests.  Do you actually understand what your high-dollar attorney is explaining to you or does half of his/her jargon go over your head?  ***crickets***   Exactly, and you're not alone.  But there's light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

May I suggest that you order one-- if not both-- of the following digital audio eLearning courses?  With the information presented, you may very well achieve a better understanding of the all important business contract.  Learn also, the substance of negligence and torts and how you're affected by this harm, done to you by others.  One thing I know for sure, you'll most certainly leave your attorney's office feeling more aware of the many machinations inherent in the entertainment world. First up we have... 

Credit: FanPop.com

Business Law: Negligence and Torts This course addresses two important questions: When is someone else legally responsible for harm done to you? When are you legally responsible for harm done to someone else?  This digital audio course of 8 lectures discusses torts (the body of law designed to redress, through civil litigation-- harms done to persons).  Each lecture is 30-minutes in length.  Lectures 4 and 5 deal with the celebrity high-profile, occasionally controversial topics of defamation, privacy, and emotional distress. In Lecture 4, you look at the law of libel (written) and slander (oral) that damage a person's reputation. Several requirements of defamation are discussed, as well as the 'privilege to defame' which can attend commentary on public figures.  Note: 83% would recommend this course to a friend. 
Cost: $90.

Next up we have Business Law: Contracts   
"...Contractual agreements are one of the principal mechanisms for ordering life in society. Whether a contract is written or oral, or even implicit, it carries with it all of the duties and obligations that society has endowed with the force of law."  --Professor Frank B. Cross 
What is a contract? How can you make one binding? How can you avoid being prematurely bound by one? What can you do to get out of a contract? What remedies are available if someone breaches your contract? What special rules apply to international contracts? When is a contract not binding? When does a mistake by either party or fraud by one of them invalidate a contract?
Credit: Blaberize.com
In 8 lectures you will get these questions answered-- and more!  Lecture 1 explores the boundaries of contracts in law. It discusses the four main requirements that any contract must satisfy.  Lectures 2 and 3 give greater detail about the main components of a contract. One party makes an offer and the other accepts, refuses, or makes a counteroffer, but there are many possible slips in between. Which offers are binding? The preliminary issues of offer and acceptance are examined in Lecture 2, including the ability of parties to negotiate, the definiteness of a contract's terms, and terms of acceptance.
Who knew an agreement would be so difficult?  But there's more - read on!

In Lecture 3, we look at three more elements of a binding contract: What each party must give up (What!) for a contract to be made ("consideration").  Whether and when those of a diminished capacity, such as children or the insane, can make contracts.  When must a contract be in writing? When is a contract not binding?

Lectures 4 and 5 consider the possible reasons for declaring contracts void or breached. When does a mistake by either party or fraud by one of them invalidate a contract? When can a party successfully claim that an agreement was reached under duress? In Lecture 4, you get answers to these questions.  90% would recommend this to a friend.  Cost: $15.00 SALE PRICE ends soon!

Meet your course instructor - Frank B. Cross is Professor of Business Regulation at The Univ of Texas at Austin and a former attorney with the law firm of Kirkland and Ellis in Washington, DC.  Professor Cross is the author of more than 30 articles in journals of law, science, policy, and management. He has published four textbooks for business law classes, as well as several other academic books. Cross serves on the editorial boards of four journals, including the American Business Journal. The Academy of Legal Studies in Business honored Cross as the nation's outstanding professor. Business Week 's guide to M.B.A. programs has also recognized him as one of the nation's outstanding teachers. His conversational, clear, thorough, and humorous style makes these two courses a pleasure. ~ 

Business Law: Negligence and Torts

NOTE:  What if we exposed our 'industry' teens to this information?  Just sayin.'

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Slow endulgence for tea lovers

The Modern Chinese Tea Set 
Treat yourself as if you were royalty from the Southern Chinese Dynasty.

3-Piece Japanese Matcha Set  

Matcha is a fine ground, powdered, high quality green tea and "not the same as" tea powder or green tea powder.  The highest grades of matcha have more intense sweetness and a deeper flavour than the standard or coarser grades of tea harvested later in the year. Preparation and consumption of powdered tea was formed into a ritual by Zen (Chan) Buddhists and became highly appreciated by others in the upper echelons of Japanese society during the 14th through 16th centuries.eclectic The Japanese Buddist priest known as "Zen master Eisai" (1141-1215) is credited for bringing matcha tea from China to Japan.  (Source: Wikipedia)
 Use our 3-Piece Matcha Set above for the authentic preparation of Matcha tea.

Classy Bamboo iPhone Cover 

Bamboo iPhone case cover with a stamped Siren logo that fits iPhone 4 and 4S



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Life Changing, Transformational and Holistic eLearning | "Dare to be YOU"

Discovering Your Life Purpose: Living the Life You Were Born to Live
Discovering Your Life Purpose: Living the Life You Were Born to Live
by Melanie Votaw
Is your life filled with purpose? Every single one of us has a reason for being here on the planet right now, and every one of us has a unique contribution that no one else can make. It's the reason you were born. Are you living the life you were born to live? This inspiring course takes you on a journey of exploration and evaluation. Ask yourself the right questions and unveil answers that may surprise you.

Self Healing Expressions is a long time provider of healing courses.  Embracing a holistic approach towards life, healing, and learning, tens of thousands of satisfied students have found our eCourses "life changing" and "transformational" include audio messages, meditations, and/or interactive Web tools to help reinforce learning.

Our lessons are self paced and delivered via email to your inbox so they are readable on a growing number of digital devices. You determine the course start date and delivery pace (i.e., daily, weekly or every other week).  

We hope you embrace our unique selection of fun and enlightening course offerings and share with a friend on our get-to-know us,  2 for 1 sale offer!*  Here're just a few to get you started.

Journey to the Heart: 
 Exploring the World of Spirit
Journey to the Heart: Exploring the World of Spirit
by Linda Pendleton
This spiritual psychology e-course, featuring innovative interactive Web Tools, covers a broad spectrum of mystical concepts. For those grieving the loss of a loved one, this course could well support your coming to terms with the mystical aspect of death. [Learn more]

Reiki for Healing: Level I
Reiki for Healing: Level I   
by Maggie Wahls, RMT
You are invited to embrace a remarkable gift of healing, the ability to heal with your hands. The Usui System of Reiki is one of the easiest natural healing systems known today. Learn what Reiki is about and how it works. Receive your Reiki Attunement to permanently open this channel in your life. [Learn more]
Reiki for Healing: Level II  Learn more] 

Living Mindfully: A Path to Wholeness
Living Mindfully: A Path to Wholeness
by Deanna Reynolds
Mindful living is all about making conscious choices. Through a five-step process presented in this course, you will be empowered to consciously co-create new realities.... realities with a more positive, creative, and hopeful outlook and outcome. Learn more here.

Dancing with Energy: 9 Steps to Manifesting Your Soul's Destiny
Dancing with Energy: 9 Steps to Manifesting Your Soul's Destiny by Deborah Redfern
Be guided on a journey to create an environment that attracts more of what you want in life -- with ease. In a balanced environment, you naturally experience a greater sense of harmony and well-being. As a result, you attract new opportunities, increased abundance, success and joy. Learn more here.

*Our 2 for 1 sale is for a limited time only.